Bopping Around for the Holidays

Jellyfish Baltimore Aquarium | REidmore

Holiday Travel

This year for the holidays my schedule was full of travel. In addition to my trip to Milwaukee to spend Christmas with my family, I planned quick trips to nearby Baltimore, Maryland and Wilmington, North Carolina.

Baltimore, Maryland

Though Baltimore is only 40 minutes from DC, I’ve never fully experienced the city. Sam and I visited when I first moved to DC, but since we had Tilly in tow, we enter the famous aquarium, restaurants, or shops. So this was my first “real” trip to the city. Ashley and I put together a quick and low-key weekend getaway, just wanting to walk the city and get learn the different neighborhoods.

Baltimore Inner Harbor Weekend Trip | Reidmore

We stayed right on the beautiful Inner Harbor. Our first stop was the National Aquarium, which was gigantic and amazing. There were beautiful sea turtles, tiny jellyfish, sharks, and more. It really lived up to the hype. I probably snapped 500 photos just during our Aquarium visit that morning.

Jellyfish Baltimore Aquarium | REidmoreNational Aquarium Baltimore | Redimore

After a day of sightseeing, we headed to Baltimore’s infamous 34th Street to get in the Christmas spirit. The neighborhood street was dripping with every imaginable holiday decoration and holiday. It was over the top, but very spirited and got us in a festive mood.

I really loved  Baltimore during our weekend away. The Fells Point neighborhood reminded me of Georgetown or Old Town Alexandria back home in DC, historic and quaint all rolled into one.

Baltimore 34th Street Christmas Lights| Reidmore


Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Christmas was finally here, so I was off to Milwaukee to visit my family. I was excited to spend time with both of my sisters, since Devan was back from Australia this Christmas.

Oddly there was warm weather that week, so instead of our usual family activities of sledding, tubing, or iceskating, we got creative. In true Wisconsin style, we went bowling (people there love bowling more than any other state I’ve lived in.) In true Reid style, things got goofy.

Bowling with Family | Reidmore Blog Bayshore Bowling | Reidmore Goofy Bowling with Family | Reidmore

Usually Wisconsin has a few feet of snow when I’m back for Christmas, so we were sure to take advantage of every minute of the unusual snow-free weather. On Christmas Eve the family headed to the backyard for a cook out, dogs and all.

Wisconsin Christmas with the Family | Reidmore Dogs at CookoutWarm Weather Christmas | Reidmore Blog

As always, it was wonderful to see my family and celebrate Christmas with them.

Wilmington, North Carolina

After a quiet New Year’s Eve at home, on New Years Day Sam and I headed down to Wilmington, North Carolina. We had vacationed in nearby Carolina Beach before, but were excited to visit new areas this time.

Since we had the dogs and I had just injured my foot, the low-key weekend mostly consisted of us driving around and checking out the sites from the car. It was so great to be back in the real south again. People were so friendly and helpful, I realized how much I missed southern hospitality.

Wilmington NC Trip

We headed over to the University of North Carolina Wilmington. I loved the mossy swampy trees around campus.

Wrightsville Beach Trip

Then we headed off to explore the Wrightsville Beach area, which we loved. It reminded me of Folly Beach in my beloved Charleston, SC. If only the weather were 40 degrees warmer…

Wrightsville Beach

And all of a sudden, our long New Years beach weekend was over. We drove back ready to spend 2016 at home in Alexandria and away on plenty more trips.


Scandinavia Trip: Golden Circle & South Iceland Road Trip

Iceland Road Trip Golden Circle South Iceland

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Thursday, October 1, 2015: Golden Circle, Iceland

Golden Circle Iceland

We picked up our cute little rental car from the Sixt office in the marina neighborhood of Reykjavik. We stopped into a local cafe for traditional Icelandic breakfast of skyr and these pastries larger than our heads. Fueled up, we hit the road for our Golden Circle road trip.

1. Þingvellir National Park (pronounced Thingvellir)

Back in 930, Þingvellir was home to the first parliament meetings and holds historical significance to Icelanders. Today the park is well-known for the continental drift, where the European and North American tectonic plates move apart about 1cm each year, creating this wide ridge throughout the park.

River through Pingvellir National Park Iceland | Reidmore

Because it was fall, even the grass and moss were photogenic shades of reds and oranges.

It was beyond windy and cold as we wandered through the park, stopping to take photos of the scenic views, churches, and waterfalls. There were paths that led you through the park, which was scenic from every angle, even with the foggy gray weather. We could have spent all day in the park exploring if we weren’t so excited to see the rest of the Golden Circle stops.

Thingvellir Golden Circle self drive road trip | Reidmore

2.  Strokkur Geysir Hot Springs

Our second stop of the day was the quickest. Strokkur Geysir was the original geyser hot springs for which all future geysers were named. I had already seen Old Faithful in Yellowstone, so I wasn’t dying to see another geyser. Once you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all, right? We arrived to the very strong sulfur-smelling park, walked to a muddy field, and waited for 30 seconds when… it finally shoots out. And that was it.

Other tourists stuck around another 15 minutes in the cold to see it spray water again, but we hit up the warm gift shop and were quickly on our way.

3. Gullfoss Waterfall

Our first waterfall visit was to Gulfoss, a gigantic wide waterfall. While walking from the car to the waterfall, in the parking lot we saw an old lady getting into her car with NO PANTS ON. Stumped at first, we realized she had soaked her pants in the heavy mist while walking the path down to the water. Lesson learned. It was freezing outside, so we avoided all future waterfall paths on the trip.

Gullfoss Waterfall Iceland | Reidmore

Photographs just can not do the immense size and sound of this waterfall  justice. It was beyond huge. We walked around Gullfoss, took a few photos, and were ready for lunch.


5. Friðheimar Restaurant

Hands down, Friðheimar was the food highlight of my trip. During my research, I read of a year-round tomato green house along the Golden Circle road trip route. The greenhouse is able to grow tomatoes and cucumbers year-round using just energy from glacier springs on property.

fridheimar greenhouse restaurant | reidmore

We were the only ones in the restaurant with the huge greenhouse to ourselves. It was magical. The menu was a buffet of simple but beyond delicious homegrown tomato soup, giant loaves of bread, and their famous cucumber salsa. It was all so simple but with such quality ingredients it tasted amazing. Even Sam, Mr. I-Hate-Tomatoes, was in love with his soup. After a morning of hiking, I think he ate enough to feed a family of four!

If you are planning a Golden Circle road trip, you absolutely must stop at Friðheimar for a meal along your route.

6. Golden Circle Airbnb

Our Airbnb in the Golden Circle town of Grímsnes  was the one I had been looking forward to most during the Scandinavia trip. The home was a private modern cabin with 3 bedrooms, a guest cottage, and a hot tub. It was located perfectly along the Golden Circle for our second day in South Iceland. Yes, it was a little excessive to rent this massive modern home for just Sam & I, but after a day of hiking in the rain, we deserved something nice.

Airbnb Cottage Golden Circle Iceland | Reidmore

After settling in, we headed to the nearest grocery store in Selfoss to grab dinner. Grocery shopping in a foreign country is an experience on it’s own. Sam was brave and picked up Hákarl, disgusting fermented shark, while I picked up Icelandic candies to share with my sweet-tooth sisters back home.

Hákarl Iceland | Reidmore

Even our drive to the grocery store from the Airbnb house was so beautiful that we had to pull over the car for more photos.


Friday, October 2, 2015: South Iceland

South Iceland

We head out for the second day of our road trip, ready to explore Southern Iceland. Lucky for us, the weather was cooperating, allowing for some sunny and beautiful pictures. It was crazy to see the South Iceland landscape change every 15 minutes. From the green Golden Circle, to yellow fields of grass straight out of Kansas, to black sand beaches, and to white glacier mountain ranges. Our South Iceland route was slightly less tourist-filled than our Golden Circle day, but just as beautiful.

South Iceland Driving | Reidmore

1. Seljalandsfoss Waterfall

Our first waterfall of many was Seljalandsfoss, a tall and skinny waterfall that was famous for a path that looped behind the falls. Remembering the pants-free lady from the day before, we avoided that path.

Seljalandsfoss Waterfall South Iceland | Reidmore

Along the park was a path that led to a few other smaller waterfalls, which was a nice but windy walk.

Seljalandsfoss Waterfall | Reidmore

There isn’t much to do at these waterfalls, besides snap a few photos, so we were quickly back into the car and onto stop two.

2. Skógafoss Waterfall

Skogafoss was much taller and wider, surrounded by black volcanic rocks. It was so windy and cold when we exited the car, I ran up to the waterfall as quickly as possible to grab a photo. As you can see in the upper right corner there was a rickety wooden path to the top, which we knew better than to risk facing pantlessness.
Skogafoss Waterfall | Reidmore

Skogafoss Waterfall trip | Reidmore

I don’t think I’ve ever been so cold and run down from the intense wind and rain in my life.

Skogafoss selfie | Reidmore

3. Vik

For lunch we stopped in the tiny town of Vik.  We had burgers at a roadside diner (how American of us,) picked up a few gifts at the wool factory (you’re welcome Dad,) and were on our way. Vik was our southernmost point on the road trip, so after lunch we circled back to make a few more stops on the road towards home.South Iceland Road Trip

We had hoped to find the hidden DC-3 plane wreckage, located on the 4×4 black sand beaches. But our little white rental car was not equipped to go off roading, so we removed it from our to-do list. Also on our planned route was Seljavallalaug, a natural pool hidden in a glacier valley off the main road. It is nearly impossible to find, but I wrote down all the directions ahead of time. Unfortunately, we made it most of the way there, but had to turn around due to bad weather and horrible road conditions. But our detour brought us to a green mountain range, where there was a perfect double rainbow after the storm passed.

4. Reynisfjara Beach

Our trip to Reynisfjara Beach was possibly my favorite stop of the road trip. We drove down these windy farm roads and out of nowhere we are at a black sand beach, steps from the icy Atlantic ocean. A mile down the beach to the left were these odd rock formations in the water, which was Dyrhólaey, our next stop. To the right are rock formations into the water and a giant mountain with a cave, all covered in these odd column rock formations. It was otherworldly. It almost reminded me of the pacific northwest, like Oregon mixed with the Moon. I could not stop taking photos.

Dyrholaey from Reynisfjara Beach | Reidmore

Dyrhólaey to the right

Reynisfjara Beach | Reidmore

5. Dyrhólaey

Dyrholaey was the rock penninsula and natural bridge we had seen off the coast while visiting Reynisfjara Beach. The soft blue sky and sea against the black sand was magical.  I love the photo below of the lone rock formation sitting on the black sand so much it’s already hanging up in our home.

Dyrhólaey Iceland Trip | reidmore

Dyrhólaey was a penninsula where you could walk out above the natural bridge with views of Reynisfjara Beach to the left. A little off the beaten path, our visit was quiet and peaceful. There was something about the black sand against the blue sea that made Reynisfjara Beach and Dyrhólaey my favorite scenery of our Golden Circle and South Iceland road trips.


Saturday, October 3, 2015: Kerið and Reykjavik

Our last day in the countryside was purposefully unplanned so we could spend more time where we enjoyed most. We decided to visit one final Golden Circle spot, then take the long scenic route through the mountains back into Reykjavik.

1. Kerið Crater

 Kerið Crater Golden CIrcle Iceland | reidmore

Overlooked by most driving the Golden Circle, Kerið was just minutes from our Airbnb, so we decided to have a look. Because they are trying to reduce visitors to protect the grass and plan tlife around Kerið, it was $3 to enter.

The crater was gigantic and covered in colorful moss and snow. We hiked around the ring of Kerið, then down to the vividly blue pool at the bottom. It was great to see the crater from two perspectives. It was the perfect last road trip attraction before our trip came to a close.


2. Back to Reykjavik

After visiting Kerið, we made our return to Reykjavik for our last day in town. We strategically took the long route through the mountains, which were covered in snow.

Driving through snow mountains Iceland | reidmore

Back in town at our new Airbnb, we headed out to check the final items off our to-do list. We stopped at Hallgrímskirkja Church to see the famous landmark.

Hallgrímskirkja Church Reykjavik Iceand | Reidmore

And then quickly headed off to Bæjarins Beztu Pylsur, a world famous hotdog stand in the city. They do hotdogs differently in Scandinavia, with fried onion crumbles, mustard, and remoulade sauce. It hit the spot after our long days on the road.

Bæjarins Beztu Pylsur Reykjavik | Reidmore

Sunday, October 4, 2015: Reykjavik to BWI

And just as quickly as it had started, the grand European trip was coming to a close. With our suitcases packed full of souvenirs, we head back to KEF airport to catch our flight back home to DC.

We had planned our Scandinavia trip for over 10 months, so I was sad to see it end so soon.

Left: Rainy Reykjavik, Right: Flying over Greenland, icebergs floating in the ocean


Our trip to Iceland, as well as Copenhagen and Stockholm, were unbelievable. We loved seeing Raisa and her life in Copenhagen, meeting “my people” in Stockholm, and braving the Icelandic countryside on our own. Looking back, I don’t think we would have changed a thing.


Happy Holidays

Reidmore_Dogs with Santa

From my family to yours, Merry Christmas & have a happy New Year!

(Photo by Jeanne Taylor Photography)


Scandinavia Trip: Blue Lagoon & Reykjavik

Face masks Blue Lagoon | Reidmore

Following our visits to Copenhagen and Stockholm, our final leg of the trip was Iceland. After seeing The Secret Life of Walter Mitty a hundred times, this scenic land was what spurred our grand  trip in the first place. To say we were excited would be an understatement.

We divided our time in Iceland into two parts, Reykjavik (and the nearby Blue Lagoon) & our South Iceland self-driving road trip. Today I’ll be sharing the “city” portion of our trip, visiting the Blue Lagoon and exploring Reykjavik.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015: Reykjavik

Landing in Reykjavik Iceland

We left our Stockholm Airbnb at 4 AM to catch our morning flight from through Oslo to Reykjavik. I had learned that the famed Blue Lagoon was close to the KEF airport, so you should plan your visit when you’re flying in or out of Reykjavik. After a few days of toting heavy luggage through cobblestone streets, a spa day mid-vacation was perfect.

On route from the airport to the Blue Lagoon, the landscape immediately became the magical scenery we had been waiting for. I was snapping away, taking pictures of every moss-covered volcanic rock field we passed.


I had purchased the Premium Blue Lagoon tickets in advance, so we cut the line, picked up our bathrobe, and headed for the locker rooms. Though it was a few dollars extra, the Premium ticket included your own robe, slippers, drink, and a small bag of spa products. It was the smartest deal for those traveling from abroad who have limited luggage for your own robe or sandals.Going to Blue Lagoon Spa Iceland | Reidmore

This was my first time in a real spa, let alone a European spa. So the changing areas and public showers were a little alarming at first. To prepare for entering the lagoon, you first must shower, put on a swim suit, and load your hair with their conditioner to keep it from getting dry. They had guards throughout the locker and showering areas, making sure everyone was following the rules.

It was gray, cold, and rainy during our visit, but the second we entered the lagoon you didn’t even notice. The waters were silky smooth from the silica and quite warm. The bottom floor was made of small black stones and sand, exfoliating your feet as you walked.

Black sand in Blue Lagoon Iceland | Reidmore

Scattered around the lagoon were large bins filled with different spa face masks. Much like a grown-up version of a lazy river, we waded around the giant lagoon in circles, stopping at the bins to test out different face masks. You rubbed on the face mask, let it sit for about 10 minutes, then washed it off. Our ticket included a drink at the bar, so we swum up to the counter to pick up a beer and prosecco.

Earlier this summer we purchased a GoPro (see photos of our underwater GoPro skills in Outer Banks this summer) with the sole purpose of using it at the Blue Lagoon. We wanted pictures of our time in the spa waters, and I’m so glad we made this investment. Sam & I took a gazillion selfies as we waded in the waters and tested out the masks. It was worth investing in the GoPro just to get these photos of our time in the Blue Lagoon waters.

Because we were visiting in the off season, the lagoon was never too crowded. It was fun to walk around and listen to all the different languages spoken by visitors from Asia, Europe, and America.

Go Pro in Blue Lagoon | Reidmore

I had read that the Blue Lagoon was a tourist trap, over-hyped, crowded with people, and not worth the trip. Perhaps because of our good timing or early morning ticket time, we had the best experience. It was totally worth the hype, and then some. Yes there were tourists there, but we were tourists ourselves and added to the count. I absolutely loved the walking around in the warm waters, trying facial masks, and relaxing with a drink your hand. It was heaven, and I’d like to think it is just as lovely during the busy summer months. If you go to Iceland, you must go.

How to visit the Blue Lagoon in Iceland | Reidmore

After a few hours of walking around, we sadly sad goodbye to the Blue Lagoon and headed into Reykjavik before it got too dark to find our Airbnb. Our Airbnb apartment in Reykjavik was located on Laugavegur, the main shopping street running through town.

Shuttle bus to Reykjavik | ReidmoreIt was freezing rain when we arrived in the small city. After dropping off our luggage at the Airbnb and piling on a few extra layers, we set out in to explore the town in the rain.

Rainbow street reykjavik | REidmore

Reykjavik Iceland Trip | Reidmore

With the cold weather, our first priority was buying a traditional Icelandic wool sweater. This was Sam’s big goal of the trip, so we stopped in every store. I was hesitant to splurge on a wool sweater at first, but the icy rain soon convinced me it was necessary. I spotted my simple cable knit sweater with leather elbow patches and knew it had to be mine. Sam went with the more traditional design.

Soon it was dark. We walked up and down the streets of the small town in the cold rain, looking for a nice authentic meal. We headed to Scandinavian Smorrebrod & Brasserie for delicious fish and chips. The restaurant was across the street from our Airbnb, so 5 minutes later we were quickly in bed, ready for the big road trip day ahead.

Next week post details from our Southern Iceland road trip adventure, which was the highlight of the trip. More to come!


Scandinavia Trip: Stockholm, Sweden

Swedish flag Gamla Stan Stockholm | Reidmore

After the best time in Copenhagen, Sam and I had high hopes for the Stockholm portion of our grand Northern Europe trip. As a semi-Swede myself, growing up with Swedish food and traditions, I was expecting a warm welcome from my fellow-countrymen. In my head I had daydreamed scenes straight out of the movies… me running through the streets as music played in the background, befriending random Swedish people and shouting “these are my people, I am home!”

Sadly, it was no warm and fuzzy homecoming.

I am disappointed to report that during our quick trip to Stockholm, we felt a little snubbed by the Swedes. They were quite cold, refusing to make eye contact or speak with us at all. On the streets they’d bump into you, step on your toes, cut you in line, not once pausing to say “excuse me” or “sorry.” Even Sam, the nicest person I know, was growing irritated with the less-than-friendly Swedes by the end of our trip.  A quick Google search confirmed our suspicions, it’s just a cultural thing.

But we had a wonderful few days nonetheless! Lots of beautiful buildings, food, and shopping to share below.

Monday September 28, 2015: Stockholm 

We stayed at another charming Airbnb in Södermalm, the southern hipster neighborhood. Our apartment was a few minutes from the main Södermalm shops and restaurants, and had amazing views of the Sofia Kyrka church across the street.

Since we were without our own personal tour guides, our plan was to join a free walking tour of the modern Stockholm city center right away. The tour walked through the business districts and shopping areas. And while the guided tour was informational, I think most folks smartly pick the Gamla Stan (Old Town, the older, more touristy area) tour instead.

After the tour finished, we walked over one of city’s 57 bridges to Gamla Stan, the main event! This neighborhood, built in the 13th century, was beyond beautiful. Cobblestone streets, old buildings in pastel hues, winding paths zigging like a maze. It was the photogenic and historic side of Stockholm I was hoping to see. I could have spent days just getting lost and weaving through the island.

Stomachs growling from the miles of sightseeing, we were eager to sample our first authentic Swedish meal. We grabbed a table outside at Slingerbulten and ordered up Swedish meatballs with lingonberry, potatoes, and cucumber salad (yum, for me) and pickled herring (ew, for Sam obviously.)

Swedish meatballs Gamla Stan Stockholm | Reidmore

After walking for miles with just a 7-11 coffee in the stomach, I was getting “hangry.” So I was in HEAVEN to just sit outside, take a long lunch break, people watch, and enjoy a real Swedish meal. The place, like most other European restaurants and shops, had free Wi-Fi, making it even easier to Instagram away. Like I said, heaven.

Souvenir shopping Gamla Stan Stockholm | Reidmore

After a little more souvenir shopping in Gamla Stan for the family and ourselves (no, the moose was not purchased,) we made our way back home to snack on Swedish candies, rest our feet, and try to follow a show that looked like the Real Housewives of Stockholm.

Tuesday September 29, 2015: Stockholm

Since we enjoyed our first free walking tour of Modern Stockholm and had already covered most of Gamla Stan, we decided to take advantage of the free Söder walking tour. Södermalm, the island we were staying on, literally meant “south” in Swedish. These days the neighborhood is known to be extremely hip and trendy. Vogue even named the area one of the hippest neighborhoods in Europe.

Our guide, born and raised in Söder, walked us all through the neighborhood, showing historic buildings, hip shops, and beautiful views of Stockholm across the water.

The remainder of the day we stayed on our southern island, visiting popular Swedish shops, browsing for souvenirs, and even tasting the famous Swedish hot dog stands.Stockholm hot dog stand | Reidmore

Near our Airbnb we stepped into a secondhand shop, where I picked up a few antique home decor items for myself. I loved the idea of bringing something home with history that I’d use and see everyday around my home, unlike a t-shirt or a magnet.

During the trip I had quickly learned that both the Danish and Swedes are obsessed with using candlesticks to create a “cozy” ambiance at home. Both Airbnbs had dozens of simple candlesticks around the apartment, and I was happy to pick up a Swedish one of my own to take home as well.

Stockholm souvenirs | Reidmore

For our final Swedish meal we walked down the street to Urban Deli Nytorget, the coolest deli/casual lunch spot/hip dinner restaurant rolled into one.  After our fancy dinner out, we hit up the grocery store to buy Swedish snacks for family gifts, and then head home to schedule a 4AM taxi to the airport before hitting the hay.


Next stop, Reykjavik, via Oslo.



Scandinavia Trip: Visiting Copenhagen, Denmark

Yayoi Kusama Yellow Dot Room Louisiana Art Museum | Reidmore Blog

I am beyond excited to finally share some a ton of photos from the first leg of our Scandinavia trip: Copenhagen, Denmark. Months ago we booked our awesome WOW Air deal ($99 each way to Reykjavik from BWI) to visit Iceland, but knew we had to add a Copenhagen visit as well.

In high school my family welcomed Raisa, a Danish foreign exchange student, to live with us. She instantly became part of the Reid family and one of my favorite people in the world. Instant bffs. I’ve been long overdue to visit her in Copenhagen, so I couldn’t wait to see where she lived, meet more of her friends and family, and introduce her to Sam.

Looking back through goofy photos of Raisa and I from 10 years ago has me wondering… did we invent the selfie?

Copenhagen, Denmark Trip

Thursday September 24, 2015: BWI > KEF > CPH

After 10+ months of planning, our big trip to Northern Europe had arrived! Though it was 80 degrees out when we headed to BWI, we bundled up in many layers (mostly to beat the WOW Air baggage limits), took our sleeping pills (see loopy sleeping mask photo below) and 6 hours later, arrived in Reykjavik. We had a quick stop in Iceland, then headed straight to Copenhagen.

Friday September 25, 2015:

We made our way to our seriously charming Airbnb in Norreport to unpack then finally reunite with Raisa after 6 long years! It was surreal to actually be in Copenhagen with my old dear friend. Not wanting to waste any time, we hit the pavement for a day of sightseeing.

Copehangen denmark norreport airbnb_reidmore blog

Exhausted from the redeye, our first stop was coffee at the Torvehallernekbh market. Sam & I soon learned that coffee and pastry breaks are a daily occurrence in Scandinavia, a habit we were too happy to pick up. When in Rome!

Our first tourist attraction of the day was Rundetaarn, the Round Tower. We climbed the long spiral path to the top and Raisa pointed out the city’s  most famous landmarks. It was a great way to get our bearings from the start.

We then weaved our way through the city, passing through the shopping district and tourist attractions. And just like that, it was time for another snack break. We stopped at Royal Smushi Cafe, the most Instagram-worthy adorable little cafe I’ve ever seen! Ivy covered brick walls! Tall old Danish buildings! Colorful pastries! I was heaven. Raisa suggested we try 2 different traditional Danish layer cakes, which were delicious.

After more walking through the city, we headed to the very trendy Meatpacking District for dinner with Raisa’s boyfriend, Thomas, and sister, Clara, at Gorilla. The group went for the chef’s tasting menu of 10+ dishes! It was a wonderful way to taste a wide range of local cuisine in one meal. After a quick post-dinner drink and meeting more of Raisa’s family, we headed back to the Airbnb, wiped.

Saturday September 26, 2015: Copenhagen

As Copenhagen was recently voted the most bike-friendly city in the world, Raisa thought we should see the city like a local and rent bikes for the day. It was a great way to cover a lot of ground, but the Danes take their biking seriously, so quite intimidating at the same time.

Our first stop was Laundromat Cafe for brunch and mapping out our route for the day. Like most urban yuppies, Sam & I love a good brunch back home. So it was nice to see that’s a common trend with the Danes as well. The brunch dishes at Laundromat Cafe were huge, eclectic, but most important, delicious. There were meats, pancakes, cheese, nutella, fruit, greek yogurt, breads, eggs, and tomatoes. Perfect before a long day of biking.

The 3 of us biked miles all around town by the Royal Palace, Kastellet (Citadel), Christhavn (and the odd Freetown Christiania,) and The Little Mermaid statue. Stopping for coffee and shopping breaks along the way, of course.

Raisa and Thomas in Copenhagen Denmark | Reidmore Blog

We finished our long day of sightseeing with a hamburger dinner at Hache. Back at the Airbnb, Sam & I were so happy from our day of biking, but mostly talked about how much we love Raisa and Thomas and wished they lived in the same town (or country or continent even!) so we could hang out all the time. Beyond the tourist attractions, it was just wonderful to get quality time talking with them. Hoping we’ll get a chance to return the hosting favor in DC soon.

Saturday September 26, 2015:
Louisiana Art Museum in Humlebæk

For our final (sad) in Copenhagen, Raisa led us out to Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in the nearby town of Humlebæk, a 30 minute train ride outside the city. She had told us this was the #1 most visited attraction in Denmark, had a great view of the sea, and some crazy art.

Crazy art was an understatement. The famous Yayo Kusama Exhibit was psychedelic and bizarre, but really fun at the same time. We took plenty of photographs in the dotted rooms, then headed to the museum cafe to sample Denmark’s famous smorrebrod sandwiches. Ocean view + smorrebrod + good company + sunshine = heaven. We were dreading our departure to Stockholm that evening.

Back in the city with time to kill before our flight to Stockholm, we stopped for one final Copenhagen coffee break with our beloved tour guide and friend, Raisa. Our time in Copenhagen was perfect and in hindsight we wished we spent more time there. Of course it was quite helpful to have a local showing you around, but we were just so happy to spend time with Raisa. It’s funny how you can still be so close with a friend that lives an ocean away.

Raisa: You have an open invitation to visit us in DC anytime! We would love to host you & Thomas. We love you + miss you already!



Recap of our Stockholm and Iceland trips to come soon.



A Family & Fall Trip to Milwaukee

View of Lake Michigan beach | Milwaukee trip

Next week Sam & I are flying off for our big Northern European adventure! As excited as I was about this trip, I was just as anxious about finding a safe/happy/decently priced place to board Tilly during our trip. Lucky for me, my parents graciously offered to bring us to visit Milwaukee over Labor Day. It was a double win! Not only did I get a weekend to visit my family, but I also know Tilly is in great hands while we’re gone.

Family & Fall Trip to Milwaukee:

In my head it was supposed to be a fall trip to Milwaukee, but Mother Nature surprised us with one final summer weekend. It was the best of both worlds – splashing around in the pool one last time and then hiking along Lake Michigan and picking apples in true fall fashion.

By day one, Tilly was no longer my city mouse. Look at her in true country mouse form.

Reidmore blog | Tilly in Wisconsin

Camryn, my youngest of 2 sisters, turns 16 next week (yikes!) and is on her high school’s swim team. So of course we had a lot of catching up to do.

Visiting Milwaukee Wisconsin

One of my family’s favorite activities is walking the Lion’s Den Gorge in Grafton, Wisconsin. Last fall I went for the first time and fell in love with the views straight out of the Pacific Northwest. Camryn wanted to practice taking photos with the nice DSLR, and this is the perfect place. Rows of birch trees, purple and yellow wild flowers and views of expansive Lake Michigan. For anyone in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area, go! It’s really a lovely hike along Lake Michigan.

After we hiked the Lion’s Den Grafton Gorge, us Reid girls wanted to get a head start on our fall bucket list. We headed to Barthel Fruit Farms, a lovely family-run farm in Mequon. Since it was still early in apple season, pickings were slim. But we lucked out and had rows and rows and rows of raspberries to pick from.

And just like that, my final summer weekend was over.

Tilly Reid | Reidmore BLog

I said my goodbyes to Tilly & the family, and was back home at work in DC. Bring on fall and our big Europe trip!

View of flying into Washington DC | Reidmore

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