Top 5 Favorites of the Week: 1/30 -2/4


Hi folks,

Not to be totally cliche, but: TGIF. For real, this weekend could not get here soon enough!

This week was exhausting at work and I can’t wait to take the weekend off. I need to clean up my apartment to prepare for two house guests in the next 2 weeks, cook up something yummy for the Superbowl, and catch up on my Thursday night tv shows (The Office, Parks & Rec, 30 Rock).

I’ve decided to post my Top 5 Favorite things each week. Instead of focusing on how tough this week has been at work, I’m going to stay positive and try to keep smiling about the small things making me happy!

Top 5 Favorites of the Week:

1. Rifle Paper Co.

Lucky me, I had to stop in Paper Source this week on lunch break to pick up a birthday card for my friend. I couldn’t believe the HUGE Valentine’s Day display sitting in front. My eyes instantly went to the Rifle Paper Co. goods! Um first off, they have a dog on their logo. Second, the script font they use, is incredible. Their drawings are adorably quirky and fun.

How happy would you be if you got this in the mail?


Source: Rifle Paper Co.

2. Goat Cheese Dumplings at The Getaway’s Trivia Night

Thursday night a group of friends headed out to The Getaway in Columbia Heights for Trivia Night. I was starving and stalked the menu before we left. I’m a big fan of anything with goat cheese, so I knew I just had  to order these dumplings!

They were incredible. There is no other word. I want to go back just to eat this again. They were so good that next time I’ll order two plates. The crust was light and flaky and drizzled with light honey. Please, if you like goat cheese half as much as I do, go visit The Getaway!


Source: Dishtip

3. Cooking up a ton of Spinach Artichoke dip for the Superbowl

Enough said. Maybe I’ll post my favorite recipe version next week!

4. Taking the puppy into work with me today


Personal photo

5. Rediscovering EBay

Not only was I able to nab that striped H&M dress when it was out of the store, but I’ve also listed a brand new pair of Minnetonka driving shoes/moccasins that are just too tight for my size 11 feet. Would love to make a few extra bucks off these new shoes just sitting in my closet!


Personal photo

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