Have Dog, Will Travel: Pups in the Park

You may have noticed one common thread in most of my posts: my little puppy, Tilly. And in my current new-to-DC craze, where I absolutely must visit and sample every single aspect of living in the District, the dog often gets dragged along. I’ve heard DC can be a dog friendly town, but I’ve decided to put it to the test. So I’ll be blogging some of the dog-approved DC activities that Tilly enjoyed.

First off – Nationals Game for Pups at the Park

If your dog can handle crowds and being around lots of other dogs, I’d suggest you bring them along for a Nats game. A few times every year, they rope off a section just for dogs and their owners to sit down and watch a game. Tilly loved making new dog friends and taking in the sights and smells.

The folks at the stadium have a separate seating area for the Pups and owners, where you can either sit down with your dog or can walk around. Bring your dog some water and snacks, and they’ll be all set. As for food for you, bring along a friend because you’ll have to take turns going to grab something to eat. They definitely don’t let dogs near the concession stands!


Be sure to buy tickets for the next few Pups in the Park events, happening on June 2nd, July 7th, and September 22nd (against my hometown Milwaukee Brewers!).


(PS: Tilly wants me to ask my blog readers if anyone wants to set up a puppy play date?)

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