Top 5 Favorites of the Week: 5/26 – 6/1


Because I missed my top 5 last week, this one will consider the last two week’s!

1. Having work off today

Waiting for an email Thursday night at 9:30 pm to announce work for Friday has been canceled, is like a school child waiting to hear if school is canceled for a snow day. As soon as I learned the day would be free, plans of shopping, catching up on errands, and sleeping in were all I could think of!

2. Philly cheese steak

Ok, so perhaps I’m the only east coaster to never have tasted this Philadelphia deliacy, but oh. my. god. Wow this was delicious and full of a thousand calories. Now that I know how yummy these bad boys are, I’ll treat them like Ben’s Chili Bowl, a rare, but necessary treat.

We ended up choosing Geno’s as our cheesesteak place and I was very happy.

3. Cooking out with friends

Beer pong, grilled chicken, pasta salad, vodka watermelon slush. Need I say more?

Here is the recipe I used to make the watermelon vodka slush. It was a hit!

4. Andy Cohen book signing

Two weeks ago I met up with Natalie and Kendall to attend Andy Cohen’s book signing in Bethesda. He was even cuter in real life and seemed very bubbly and charming! I haven’t had a chance to start the book yet (it’s joining a waiting list of books I’m hoping to read) but can’t wait to learn more about how he got to be so successful.

5. Buying a couch for less than expected


This week I made one of my first major investments and purchased a real life (not from Craigslist) big girl sofa. And thanks to some smart shopping and the Memorial Day weekend, I walked away with a couch for waaaayyy less than I thought was possible. Funny note: the couch’s name is the Morgan sofa, no joke!

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