Back from vacation!


This weekend I returned back from my weeklong summer vacation to visit my family with Sam and Tilly. While I love DC, my apartment, life in the city, and friends here, it’s still sad to be saying bye to my family. It makes me envy those who have family nearby (or even a few hours away!). I won’t be seeing my family for another 6 months, so I made an extra effort to appreciate the time with my mom, dad, sisters, and grandparents.

We had such an incredible time visiting the family. Sam mastered water skiing, Tilly got filthy at the beach, and I got my quality girl time with my sister! We got some serious sight-seeing while we were visiting the family: cheese tasting galore at the Mars Cheese Castle, bike riding along Lake Michigan, sampling Chicago’s famous deep dish pizza, and walking around the St. Louis Arch. We spent 24 hours in Chicago last week and had the BEST time. I’m no stranger to the city, so we crammed in the ultimate tour of the city in just 1 day.

It feels good to be back, tan and all!

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