Top 5 Favorites: all of July


Hey ya crazy kids,

Please pardon my terrible blogging skills. The #1 rule of blogging is consistency and here I am being too busy to even write a freakin’ Friday favorite post. Can I blame it on moving, stressful job, vacation, and post-vacation madness? Please?

Here is a recap of some of the things making me happy this month…


#1 – Monogrammed clutch

I was never a sorority girl, so I’m not as obsessed with monograms like my fellow recent grads may be. But, when I stumbled upon this purse on Pinterest, I knew it had to be mine! All it took was a hint to my sister, and she gifted it to me for my birthday! I love the white color that will go with everything. Even better the clutch includes a chain strap so I can use it over my shoulder as well. My sister was a girl-genius and ordered the clutch in my school colors.

Ok… so maybe I’m more of an undercover hidden sorority girl than I care to admit.


#2 – Annapolis day trip

This past week I spent a few days in Annapolis for a work trip. Honestly, most of my time was spent holed up in a hotel conference room, but before leaving town I got a glimpse of a real live Naval Academy cadet (proper term?) and the harbor. Can’t wait to go back for a day trip! I had no idea it was so close.

#3 – Goat cheese & black bean quesadillas

It’s as delicious as it sounds, believe me.

#4 – Brandi Carlile concert at Wolf Trap

I’ve been a big Brandi Carlile fan for a few years now. After taking my parents to see her last summer, I was blown away at her live performances and was so excited when Sam semi-surprised me with tickets for her show this month! She did a show with Josh Ritter, some mopy lame singer who sounded like a weakling next to her powerful voice. Holy cow, that chick can sing.

The Wolf Trap venue was adorable, and I already have tickets for another show out on the lawn! Next month we’re going to see the Sound of Music live sing-along. We’ll be packing a picnic and wine, and I will be the girl up front singing along the loudest.

#5 – Chef Geoff’s brunch

What was supposed to be a walk to a nearby Starbucks, turned into a spontaneous brunch last weekend at Chef Geoff’s in my neighborhood. Unlike the brunches downtown DC that just offer bottomless mimosas, the meal included food, a mimosa/bloody mary, bottomless coffee, fruit, and breakfast pastries. Oy, we were stuffed. Happy to have such a cute little restaurant (dog friendly, too!) within walking distance.

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