blue living room paint, peacock blue paint, frame arrangement

A Shade of Blue

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Back before I moved into my new place,  I blogged about the 5 things I wanted to see design-wise in my new apartment. And slowly but surely my apartment has been filling up with goodies from Home Goods, TJ Maxx, Target, Joss & Main, etc.

Ok – side note first. Why the hell am I roommates with an Interior Designer and I’m the one who furnished and decorated the entire place? Thinking I should maybe take over her designer title?

Back on topic, I was looking for the following:

  1. Blue living room
  2. Golden bar cart
  3. Chalkboard paint on kitchen wall
  4. Yellow stenciled bathroom
  5. Frame arrangement in living room

And after 2 months, I can actually cross them mostly off my list! Unfortunately because of the dated and colored tile situation in the bathroom, the stenciling is a no go for now. However, I feel so accomplished looking back at my decor goals and seeing I’ve followed through on 4 of the 5!

And now… without further ado, welcome to a slice of my home.

blue living room paint, peacock blue paint, frame arrangementBlue living room & frame arrangement over the sofa – check

A golden bar cart – check

chalkboard paint wall, chalk, diy chalkboard

The chalkboard wall – check! Makes a great guestbook for my housewarming party too!

I’m feeling very settled in the new place, like it’s finally home. There are still a few edits I’d like to make of course. In fact, my new design project is my bed. I don’t have a “big-girl” headboard and need to invest in a real life adult bed. It’s not like I’m sleeping on a cot, but my bed looks like something I had in college.  In addition I’m looking to add either an island cart into the kitchen or an entry wall console to collect keys and mail. That depends on what sort of deals I find. After that I’d also like to work on a custom art project to hang on the large blank bathroom wall, but as you’d guess, I wouldn’t call that an emergency. I’ve been craving some serious Goodwill design makeovers after reading Young House Love and Bower Power on a daily basis.

By the way – if you’re in need of a great and cheap mover in the DC area, shoot me an email! I loved my movers and they were EXTREMELY reasonable price wise. Never ever will I move without paying someone to help again. Period.

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