diy ikat stenciled cork board

DIY Golden Ikat Cork Board

A few weeks ago I was strolling through the aisles of Target when a beautiful golden printed cork board by Nate Berkus caught my eye from across the aisle. It’s a proven “Morgan-fact” that I cannot resist anything metallic gold or anything Nate Berkus does at Target, so I was immediately ga-ga for this office double whammy.

diy ikat stenciled cork board

But before I could even add it to my cart, I realized this would be an easy DIY project. I quickly snapped a picture of the ikat printed cork board and started dreaming up ways to make the project my own. During the long Labor Day weekend, I decided to take the project on full-force, golden paint and ikat stenciled cork boarddiy ikat stenciled cork board

To start I removed 2 Ikea cork boards from storage. They were the perfect blank canvas for this project at $6/board! However, don’t feel constrained to use a certain sized cork board in this DIY project. It’s very flexible based off how large you want the stencil pattern to be.

diy ikat stenciled cork board

Using Illustrator, I designed 3 printable ikat stencils, which I’ve made free for for downloading. Just print your favorite pattern and adjust the printer settings to get the stencil to just the right size. Then cut out the black shapes and tape them down onto the board in your pattern.

Free Stencils for Download:

Free Printable Ikat Stencils
diy ikat stenciled cork board

Using watered down Martha Stewart brand gold paint, double sided tape, scissors and a paint brush, I got started with the dirty work. The key to making the ikat print look organic and not so rigid was not keeping things too neat. I just went with the flow in making the pattern and didn’t worry about making the lines too ikat stenciled cork boardDIY painting ikat stencils on cork board

Tilly even got in on the ikat stenciled cork board

In the end, I am absolutely in love with my DIY golden cork boards! They have so much more character now than the empty Ikea cork boards, and heck, I even like them more than the original Nate Berkus for Target inspiration. diy ikat stenciled cork boardI’m looking forward to bringing them into my gray and empty office space and decorating with personal photos and papers to make it more homey. I think it’s official – I’ve got the midas touch!

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