Obsessed: jelly nail polish

Not to get all #TBT on you, but this post is for my fellow girls of the 90s. Who remembers the mega cute and oh-so comfortable plastic jelly sandals? From play dates to picnics, I rocked those favorite shoes of mine all summer long.

It has been 20 years since I last sported those beloved jelly sandals, but my heart still fondly remembers my favorite fashion moment from my childhood. Unfortunately as an old lady / working girl, jelly sandals don’t fly these days.

jelly shoes tbt

So imagine my excitement when I discovered I can now rock the same colorful and bright jelly look on my nails. Sally Hansen’s new Triple Shine collection includes 6 summer-ready polishes in the same glossy and colorful shades as my beloved jelly sandals. The translucent polishes let your natural nail shine through while still providing a punch of fruity-color. I am currently wearing the Vitamin D-Light shade, which is the perfect citrusy grapefruit shade for spring (orange polish at bottom right.)

sally hansen jelly nail polish colors

For a couple of bucks at the drugstore, you too can recreate your favorite childhood fashion statements… talk about nostalgia on a budget.

Moving is Ruff

Nothing is more stressful than moving. Except for when you move and your dog hates your new space. Smaller apartment + loud street noises + 0 roommates = a recipe for disaster. I did not know how awful dog separation anxiety could be until I experienced it first hand.

Two days in a row my new neighbor (who apparently has nothing better to do during the day) complained of loud banging from Tilly while I was away at work. Blissfully unaware of how a 12 pound animal could cause such distress, I set up a nanny cam app on my laptop to see what happens when I leave. To my horror, the puppy-cam captured images straight out of The Exorcist. In over 40 photos, Tilly is mid-air, body slamming the front door.

dog nanny cam separation anxiety

It’s a love/hate relationship with the new apartment though. While snapping a few sneak peek shots of the studio decor progress, Tilly made sure she was front and center. Is dog photobombing trendy yet?

separation anxiety dog

dog bombing kennelturkish anatolian kilim rugsmall studio apartment layout dcwashington dc apartment tourturkish anatolian kilim rugtilly reid washington dc dog

Ten bucks says #TillyBombing is about to go viral. I call it.

What do you think of the apartment so far?

Moving on Up… and Down


Drumroll please… as of April 1st, I, Morgan Reid, will have my very own “big girl” apartment!

Peace out Glover Park, hello Cathedral Heights. Like most city dwelling young professionals will tell you, the older you get, the more you start to crave a space to call your own.

glover park bedroom

However, in a city like Washington, D.C., moving into your own space also often means downgrading in size. My current apartment is a decently-sized 2 bedroom apartment among the trees. My new space is a brand new 570 square feet studio in the city. Downsizing to a studio apartment (yes, the kind where one room houses everything,) requires some careful planning.

cathedral heights studio apartment 11-IMG_0909 national cathedral dc roof apartment

Thank goodness my mother, an experienced Interior Designer, offered to help with the studio layout. With 570 square feet to work with, arranging furniture feels much like a game of tetris. You’re living in a life size jig saw puzzle. How do people move into such small spaces these days without a Mom like mine? #lifesaver

studio apartment layout blueprint

A lesson quickly learned in studio life: everything must have multiple purposes, such as my new antique trunk (via Craigslist) that will double as a coffee table and storage for blankets, board games, and more. And in an effort to build privacy and multiple spaces in the large main room, I purchased an Ikea Expedit room divider, which also works as a book shelf while still letting light shine through.

Washington dc antique steamer trunk

It will be difficult to part ways with some of my furniture and junk. Who knew being a minimalist takes such work. For more storage and space saving tips, check out my full Studio Life board on Pinterest.

Now who’s up for a housewarming party on the roof deck?


Snippets of Valentine’s Day

Gone are the days of candy hearts and swapping cards in class. As a “grownup”, Valentine’s Day is what you make it. So when House of Cards announces their season 2 premier on 2/14, you plan accordingly. Instead of fighting the crowds and dressing up, Sam and I went out for a quick dinner and were home early enough to catch the first (shocking) episode.

Call me old fashioned, but it makes me sad that 90% of my photos never make it off my phone or computer. I cannot even recall when I last time had photos printed. So as a small Valentine’s Day gift I gave Sam the second-annual year in review book for 2013, printed from Shutterfly. It’s the best way to archive the best of 2013, from our multiple beach trips, visits to see family, concerts, favorite food, date nights, and more.  50 years into the future I can see my grandkids pulling our huge collection of annual books of the shelf and realizing their Grandma used to be pretty cool.

Here are a few of the top moments that made it into the book:

annual scrapbook valentines day giftSending lots of love!

happy 2nd birthday, reidmore!

Get your cake and presents ready, today I’m celebrating reidmore’s 2nd birthday! 2 years ago I created the blog with the sole purpose of finding D.C. friends and keeping my graphic design skills up. Mission accomplished. In 2013 the blog has evolved into more of a personal diary and wasn’t as serious.

To celebrate the 2nd birthday, I’m sharing a few embarrassing (and seasonally appropriate… brrr) photos of my 2 year old self.

2nd blog birthday reidmore

Now for the number crunching…

Most-visited posts:

Top traffic sources:

  • Pinterest
  • Facebook
  • Twitter

Top search phrases:

  • chalkboard lettering
  • gold bar cart
  • birthday weekend

Goals for 2014: posting twice a week, making the blog more social-friendly, and sharing a few SEO tips for bloggers

I’m looking forward to seeing what this year has in store for the reidmore blog!

Sisters on Skis = Scary

Following my family’s Christmas beach trip in the Outer Banks, my sister returned to DC with me to visit for a week. Since Devan has already seen the typical DC tourist attractions, we decided to skip the National Mall and hit the ski slopes instead.

Now, you may assume 2 sisters who went to high school in Wisconsin would be skiing pros, but that couldn’t  be further from the truth. Total snow sport amateurs. Skiing is something we never learned as kids, so we were too excited to try it out. Bundled up with 3 layers of pants and 4 tops, we looked like the Michelin Man as we head out for Whitetail Resort.

Following three hours of “pizza your skis to slow down” and “french fry to go faster” ski lessons, we were finally go down the bunny slope on our own…

beginner skiing lesson


We successfully get ourselves and skis onto the ski lift, ride up the hill, and proceed to immediately crash and burn upon disembarkment…

white tail skiing trip, dc skiing


After brushing off our bruised egos, we posed for a few glamour shots for Instagram at the top of the hill….sister skiing tripbunny slope lessons white tail

And made our way down the mountain! We didn’t run into a tree or hit a kid or anything!sisters on ski, white tail

Where it went wrong is after a a dozen trips down the bunny slope. We got cocky. We thought we could handle a tougher hill and headed for the Sidewinder course. Judging by the 5 year olds whizzing past us on skis, it was not the toughest course ever, but it sure did beat us down.

whitetail ski resort map

Devan and I experienced so many wipeouts that we were eventually skiing down the hill, at about 1 MPH shouting “SLOW DOWN! PIZZA! PIZZA YOUR SKIS!” to each other. We were literally crawling. Afraid Devan would chicken out and walk down the slope, I promised her: “if you can make it down alive on your skis, I will buy you the largest chocolate frosty money can buy.” Chocolate bribes always work for Devan. And 2 hours and a few stumbles later, we arrived safely at the lodge, kissing the solid ground beneath our feet.

So beware snow bunnies! Devan and Morgan are now skiers on the lose and will be complete maniacs on a slope near you soon.

2013 Reflections & 2014 Resolutions


As 2013 comes to a close, it’s important for me to reflect on the past 365 days and set goals for 2014.

2013 goal reflections

2013 was a great year for the blog. Reidmore posts were full of beach trips to Charleston and North Carolina, DIY paint and decor projects, downloading free fonts, party hosting and online shopping.

In my life off the web, I accomplished many of my travel goals, continued growing my design and photography education, found a job that I love, ran a 5k and worked on fitness, and became an expert on DC restaurants. I’m ending the year in a great place in my social, career, and family life.

2014 goals and resolutions

Looking into the future, 2014 holds so much potential. I foresee as much travel as possible, from Charleston, Nashville, New York City, and even back to Texas to see my sister graduate from college. With a new career in the travel industry, it’s my goal for 2014 to ramp up my frequent flier miles and hit the road. In addition to travel, I have financial goals to save more money and spend wisely – using technology to save smarter and get peace of mind.

Other goals for 2014 include improving myself, such as working out regularly each week, learning something new (sushi, skiing, or photography, perhaps?), and complete my D.C. Bucket List (National Building Museum, National Cathedral, Theodore Roosevelt Island, and Spy Museum, etc.) and more.


2014 is going to be a big year. Happy New Year & Cheers!