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Life Update: I’m Moving. Again.

view of washington monument at night

Big news in Morgan Land!

i am moving wsahington dc

Yep, that’s right. 4 years in DC + 4 moves = 1 tired girl.

I’m a pro at moving now. I’ve become numb to the tedious process of purging, packing, and dealing with the devil (aka Comcast Customer Service.)

petworth washington dc

(young Morgan in Petworth)

I started my Washington, DC city residency in the scariest-ever basement apartment in Petworth, a neighborhood north of Columbia Heights that is not yet “up and coming.” From there I lived with a roommate in beautiful and quiet Glover Park, the very welcomed opposite of Petworth. And now my tiny high-rise studio in Cathedral Heights, nextdoor to my gal pal Cathy.

national cathedral dc

(my neighbor Cathy, aka the National Cathedral)

In the past 4 years I’ve taken a lot of pride in my DC residency.  My sassy DC “Taxation without Representation” license plate make me giddy. The lack of voting representation in Congress makes me feel special. Joe Biden is my neighbor. I don’t live in a state, I call the District home.

But as much as I love living downtown, city life wears on you. It is exhausting having to order toilet paper off Amazon Prime and parallel parking 5 times a day.

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Moving on Up… and Down

national cathedral dc roof apartment


Drumroll please… as of April 1st, I, Morgan Reid, will have my very own “big girl” apartment!

Peace out Glover Park, hello Cathedral Heights. Like most city dwelling young professionals will tell you, the older you get, the more you start to crave a space to call your own.

glover park bedroom

However, in a city like Washington, D.C., moving into your own space also often means downgrading in size. My current apartment is a decently-sized 2 bedroom apartment among the trees. My new space is a brand new 570 square feet studio in the city. Downsizing to a studio apartment (yes, the kind where one room houses everything,) requires some careful planning.

cathedral heights studio apartment 11-IMG_0909 national cathedral dc roof apartment

Thank goodness my mother, an experienced Interior Designer, offered to help with the studio layout. With 570 square feet to work with, arranging furniture feels much like a game of tetris. You’re living in a life size jig saw puzzle. How do people move into such small spaces these days without a Mom like mine? #lifesaver

studio apartment layout blueprint

A lesson quickly learned in studio life: everything must have multiple purposes, such as my new antique trunk (via Craigslist) that will double as a coffee table and storage for blankets, board games, and more. And in an effort to build privacy and multiple spaces in the large main room, I purchased an Ikea Expedit room divider, which also works as a book shelf while still letting light shine through.

Washington dc antique steamer trunk

It will be difficult to part ways with some of my furniture and junk. Who knew being a minimalist takes such work. For more storage and space saving tips, check out my full Studio Life board on Pinterest.

Now who’s up for a housewarming party on the roof deck?



A Shade of Blue

blue living room paint, peacock blue paint, frame arrangement

moving, movers, moving truck, washington dc, paint

Back before I moved into my new place,  I blogged about the 5 things I wanted to see design-wise in my new apartment. And slowly but surely my apartment has been filling up with goodies from Home Goods, TJ Maxx, Target, Joss & Main, etc.

Ok – side note first. Why the hell am I roommates with an Interior Designer and I’m the one who furnished and decorated the entire place? Thinking I should maybe take over her designer title?

Back on topic, I was looking for the following:

  1. Blue living room
  2. Golden bar cart
  3. Chalkboard paint on kitchen wall
  4. Yellow stenciled bathroom
  5. Frame arrangement in living room

And after 2 months, I can actually cross them mostly off my list! Unfortunately because of the dated and colored tile situation in the bathroom, the stenciling is a no go for now. However, I feel so accomplished looking back at my decor goals and seeing I’ve followed through on 4 of the 5!

And now… without further ado, welcome to a slice of my home.

blue living room paint, peacock blue paint, frame arrangementBlue living room & frame arrangement over the sofa – check

A golden bar cart – check

chalkboard paint wall, chalk, diy chalkboard

The chalkboard wall – check! Makes a great guestbook for my housewarming party too!

I’m feeling very settled in the new place, like it’s finally home. There are still a few edits I’d like to make of course. In fact, my new design project is my bed. I don’t have a “big-girl” headboard and need to invest in a real life adult bed. It’s not like I’m sleeping on a cot, but my bed looks like something I had in college.  In addition I’m looking to add either an island cart into the kitchen or an entry wall console to collect keys and mail. That depends on what sort of deals I find. After that I’d also like to work on a custom art project to hang on the large blank bathroom wall, but as you’d guess, I wouldn’t call that an emergency. I’ve been craving some serious Goodwill design makeovers after reading Young House Love and Bower Power on a daily basis.

By the way – if you’re in need of a great and cheap mover in the DC area, shoot me an email! I loved my movers and they were EXTREMELY reasonable price wise. Never ever will I move without paying someone to help again. Period.


Bienvenidos a la casa


This weekend I’m having a small group of friends over to visit the new apartment. Now I’m not moving into a big grown up house, but after living in a shoe-box apartment for the past year without any sort of living room (or space for guests) I’m thrilled to just invite people over. It’s reason enough for me to celebrate!

In honor of my roommate’s Mexican heritage and cooking skills (and… well let’s just admit it, my love for margaritas too), we’ll be throwing a little fiesta!

I’m thinking bright colors, strong drinks, and good food! You can see my full inspiration on my Eventful Pinterest board.








And just for fun…


Poncho dress-code not mandatory.


Top 5 Favorites of the Week: 6/16 – 6/22


Hi folks, as the move to my new apartment has consumed my last week, all of my favorites this week had to do with the big ‘ole move!

#1-5 : Moving to a safer, bigger, closer, friendlier apartment


Will post pics as soon as the boxes are out and the table is set!

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