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Bienvenidos a la casa


This weekend I’m having a small group of friends over to visit the new apartment. Now I’m not moving into a big grown up house, but after living in a shoe-box apartment for the past year without any sort of living room (or space for guests) I’m thrilled to just invite people over. It’s reason enough for me to celebrate!

In honor of my roommate’s Mexican heritage and cooking skills (and… well let’s just admit it, my love for margaritas too), we’ll be throwing a little fiesta!

I’m thinking bright colors, strong drinks, and good food! You can see my full inspiration on my Eventful Pinterest board.








And just for fun…


Poncho dress-code not mandatory.


Top 5 Favorites of the Week: 4/21 – 4/27


1. H Street Country Club

I love a good margarita (see subheadline above) and was blown away by the Besos marg at the “country club.” The frozen mix of a classic margarita with a guava margarita was seriously delicious.

Sam hanging out at the “National Catherdral” hole

Now, I also happened to discover I’m not the best a mini-golf at this outing, but the miniature DC landmarks were too adorable to resist. There was a U Street with a Ben’s Chili Bowl, the crazy Beltway, a meter maid, and of course, the Washington Monument among other famous sites. I’m definitely adding this to my list of places to take out of town guests. It’s basically a tour of DC in under an hour.

2. Marc Jacobs Daisy Perfume

You’ve probably noticed how nice I’ve been smelling the past week. It’s because I got some new perfume! I love the way it smells, and the bottle is too cute!

3. Living Social Beer & Foodtruck Festival

Despite the rain coming down like cats and dogs, this trip to the first Living Social Beer & Foodtruck Festival was a huge hit. I may have been knee deep in water, covered in a bright blue poncho, but I was also tasting lots and lots and lots of new beer, so I was happy. There were about 60 different beer tents at the Festival, all with 2 or 3 beer varieties to sample.  My favorites were by far the Leinenkugel Summer Shandy, a lemony beer, and Angry Orchard’s Hard Apple Cider. Both fruity and delicious. There were also several food trucks parked around the grounds. Sam and I got the Hot Rod and White Trash pie from Dangerously Delicious Pies and a southwest and roast beef panini from another sandwich truck.

4. Pups at the Park

This weekend Sam and I took Tilly to the Pups in the Park game so Tilly could experience her first baseball game. Tilly was more impressed by the other 100 dogs than the baseball game itself, but she was in heaven.

5. Disco Brunch with Blogger Friends

Have you ever been served a mimosa by a fabulous young man sporting a sequin jump suit and a boa? If not, be sure to check out Disco Brunch at Level One in Dupont. DC is truly the brunch capitol of the world and Level One did not disappoint. Like all other brunch spots in town, bottomless mimosas were the norm. I’m glad I had the chance to meet new bloggers, Ashlyn & Meaghan!


Top 5 Favorites of the Week: 4/7 – 4/13


1. Easter brunch with new friends

To say I’ve got an extremely limited group of friends and family physically located in/near DC would be an understatement. So come Easter, I made plans to not have plans. I was going to soak up the free time and try to get some work done. Luckily my girlfriends from work are in the same predicament as me (far from family, new to DC) and we joined forces for Easter brunch at Policy near the U St. metro.

You see, I heard that they were doing Easter brunch and you could reserve a table online, so I thought I got incredibly lucky and was able to score one of their last brunch spots. Not the case. I walked in fifteen minutes early and the hostess leads us to our booth, in the middle of an empty restaurant. Do people not go to Policy for brunch? Yes, I’ll admit the dark red and black decor and high booths may not be the perfect spot to invite my Grandparents and large family. But the food was amazing. Bottomless mimosas for $18 (refilled so quickly that got much more than I paid for in the first few minutes), Asiago Cheese Grits from heaven, and Coconut Pancakes.

2. Bling shoppin’ at Tiffany & Co.

After work this week, a small group of girls from the office headed to Tiffany & Co. in Friendship Heights for some major ring shopping. One of the girls has been instructed by her long-term boyfriend to start studying engagement ring styles and we knew Tiffany & Co. would be the perfect spot. As soon as we walked in the store we were greeted by name and were told that the future fiancee sent over two large bottles of champagne. The customer service was as flawless as the diamonds and they were so helpful in teaching my friend about the perfect cut, style, size, color, etc. for her without being pushy.

3. 21 Jump Street

This past weekend Sam forced invited me to go see 21 Jump Street. He had seen the week before with a friend and thought I’d appreciate the good laugh. Thought I didn’t expect 21 Jump Street to be something I loved, I actually thought it was very funny. I’m one of those people who thinks things are funny, but will keep my response to a smirk or smile. Well, this movie so funny that I was definitely laughing. Good pick, Sam.

4. Rosa Mexicano

Pomegranate frozen margaritas are very strong and very yummy! I wasn’t crazy about the over-price smaller portions or the service, but the margaritas and table side guacamole cart are enough to keep bringing me back to Rosa Mexicano.

5. Hunger Games

Everyone and their brother was telling me to suck it up and read the Hunger Games series. And once I found out I could be lazy and borrow the books from my roommate and coworker, I caved and tried to finish read the first book before I went to see the movie. That wasn’t hard. In fact, just last night I finished book two before bed! And we’re going to see the movie this evening. I’m excited to see how they translate the plot into film.



This is a very fashion-free week. Unfortunately, due to unexpected expenses towards the end of this pay period, my wallet wasn’t too happy. Good news: I have tickets home to Milwaukee and to St. Louis this summer (with Sam and Tilly too) to see the fam. Bad news: No money for fun things like shopping.

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