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Memorial Day Staycation in Washington, DC

abraham lincoln memorial dc_reidmore

For the past few Memorial Day weekends, a small group of my friends gathered in Folly Beach, South Carolina to reunite and celebrate a “grown up spring break” of sorts.
Sadly, due to busy personal travel schedules, budgets, and timing, Grown Up Spring Break 2015 in Charleston was not meant to be.

nats stadium baseball game view_Reidmore

Instead, I hosted two college girlfriends in the new home for a Washington, DC staycation. The long weekend was carefully planned to optimize DC sightseeing time since we had a DC-newbie in the group. Us ladies crammed in official White House and Capitol tours, as well as the visits to the Washington Monument, MLK Memorial, Vietnam Memorial, and Lincoln Memorial.

Phew, it’s exhausting just to list it all out. It was beyond tiring to walk them all in the DC heat, surrounded by tourists and motorcycle gangs. Continue Reading


Pink Cherry Blossoms Welcome Spring to DC

dc cherry blossom tree_reidmore blog

We left a cold and bare Washington, DC behind for our Florida beach trip over the weekend. And what do you know, we come home to a spring wonderland. It was like DC had thawed while we were away! Of course my allergies are killing me (the real first sign of spring,) but the trees are so colorful and fluffy with floral blooms – it’s just breathtaking!

dc cherry blossom tree_reidmore blog

In just a few short weeks, we will all be whining about summer heat and planning family beach vacations.

But for now, we are LOVING this gorgeous pink canopy and the sweet smell of blooms that greet us every time we leave the house. Our new home has a cherry blossom tree on the patio and one in the courtyard out front. So pink petals are literally in your face when you try to leave, forcing you to duck in order to leave the house.

But they are so stunning, I can’t help myself from snapping photos of all the amazing flowers each time I leave the house. It’s really making my dog walks more colorful. Here are a few (too many, probably??) photos of our cherry blossom spring view.

dc cherry blossom tree_reidmore blog

dc cherry blossom tree_reidmore blog dc cherry blossom tree_reidmore blog


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Moving Makes Life a Hot Mess

moving to alexandria virginia

The past two weeks have been nothing but moving boxes. To the ceiling, to be precise. Stacked. Blocking me from my kitchen and closet. For a month, all I did was work, then come home and pack and pack and pack. It was exhausting!

moving to alexandria virginiamoving out of studio apartment

Slowly but surely, thanks to the help of generous friends & burly movers, Sam & I now have both moved into our lovely little town home. We are loving it so far.

moving to alexandria virginia

But now the real challenge has begun…. unpacking and organizing. It is a real mess. I love purposeful organization. So the process of committing to a silverware drawer before I can properly test out the practicality of each drawer option is nerve-wracking. Multiple furniture and drawer arrangement swaps are surely in my future.

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Playing Tourist at Home in DC

key bridge dc kayaking

May through August, Washington, DC is overrun with tourists from around the world. During the summer months, DC locals avoid the most famous tourist attractions like the plague, avoiding the battle for a parking space or another outrageously long line.

With the fall season officially upon us (yes, count me as another PSL and sweater weather crazed girl,) DC has once again returned to its not so touristy self. In an effort to cross a few final items off our “DC Summer Bucket List,” this weekend Sam & I played tourists in our own hometown.

kayak tour on potomac river in washington dcOn a perfect fall evening we hit up the Key Bridge Boathouse in Georgetown for a twilight kayaking tour along the Potomac River. kayaking in washington dc

We kayaked along the Georgetown waterfront, National Mall, and all the way around Theodore Roosevelt Island. It was great to see the monuments from the water from such a unique and peaceful perspective. Continue Reading


Back to Cool

back to school dc

Time to dust off my old school supplies! Starting this fall, I’ll be heading back to school to study Front End Web Development Course with General Assembly’s DC campus.

back to school dcWhile the classes only run for 10 weeks and take place after work hours, it’s very odd to get back into the world of homework and studying. That being said, I’m so looking forward to expanding my skill set, meeting likeminded folks, and getting my HTML on. Wish me luck!



True Life: I Live in a 500 Square Foot Studio Apartment

room divider studio apartment

Four months ago I moved from a shared semi-roomy apartment (in DC standards) to my very own studio space. To say life in my 500 square foot high rise studio required a little downsizing would be a mega understatement. Thankfully, some pre-moving closet cleansing, selling of extra furniture on Craigslist, and clever storage purchases helped to simplify my belongings. For example, I sold 1 kitchen table, 1 desk, and 1 entryway table, and purchased 1 drop-leaf kitchen table from Ikea’s PS 2012 line that doubles as an office table as a replacement.


living in a small studio apartment in washington dc

Now that I’ve lived my “studio life” for a few months, I’m finally sharing a few photos of my mostly-settled studio home. Keep in mind this tiny apartment is very much a work in progress – but I want to forever remember my first solo home and how much I love my life in this  tiny, small, minuscule little apartment in the sky.

vintage bar cart styling reidmore

ikea book shelf room divider studio apartment

studio apartment in nw washington dc


room divider studio apartment


Things I’m still loving: insanely bright rug against otherwise white apartment, vintage golden bar cart for showing off wine, and the famous (and discontinued) Ikea Expedit bookcase as both storage and a room divider. Breaking up the studio into a separate living room and bedroom was a lifesaver. It added storage to my studio but the natural light through to the bed area. Continue Reading


Moving on Up… and Down

national cathedral dc roof apartment


Drumroll please… as of April 1st, I, Morgan Reid, will have my very own “big girl” apartment!

Peace out Glover Park, hello Cathedral Heights. Like most city dwelling young professionals will tell you, the older you get, the more you start to crave a space to call your own.

glover park bedroom

However, in a city like Washington, D.C., moving into your own space also often means downgrading in size. My current apartment is a decently-sized 2 bedroom apartment among the trees. My new space is a brand new 570 square feet studio in the city. Downsizing to a studio apartment (yes, the kind where one room houses everything,) requires some careful planning.

cathedral heights studio apartment 11-IMG_0909 national cathedral dc roof apartment

Thank goodness my mother, an experienced Interior Designer, offered to help with the studio layout. With 570 square feet to work with, arranging furniture feels much like a game of tetris. You’re living in a life size jig saw puzzle. How do people move into such small spaces these days without a Mom like mine? #lifesaver

studio apartment layout blueprint

A lesson quickly learned in studio life: everything must have multiple purposes, such as my new antique trunk (via Craigslist) that will double as a coffee table and storage for blankets, board games, and more. And in an effort to build privacy and multiple spaces in the large main room, I purchased an Ikea Expedit room divider, which also works as a book shelf while still letting light shine through.

Washington dc antique steamer trunk

It will be difficult to part ways with some of my furniture and junk. Who knew being a minimalist takes such work. For more storage and space saving tips, check out my full Studio Life board on Pinterest.

Now who’s up for a housewarming party on the roof deck?


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